MEC Connecting Across Continents

Global Partnership Leads to Creation of New Carmela and Las Professoras Handbags

Maria Elena Couture (MEC) is honored to showcase these beautiful artistic pieces that celebrate the energy of women and the global connectivity that inspired their creation. Three cross continental women – artists and professors – convened and their conversations inspired MEC’s breathtaking new shoulder bags, Carmela and Las Professoras, that feature imprints of striking Italian artwork.

Professor and artist, Carmela Germano, of Sicily, Italy, and Maria Elena Piña Fonti, professor, designer, and MEC’s founder, were brought together by the energy and linguistic bridge of Maria Elena’s long-time friend and professor Rose Mary Catania Giannone, also of Sicily. Together, these three women contributed to the birth of these new beauties in their own unique way.

Germano’s beautiful, unique, and vivid artistic interpretations of women, their intelligence, power and beauty are depicted in the artwork imprinted on the handbags. Maria Elena was the force behind the idea of creating a bag that would honor women by marrying her design sensibility and the artists’ unique imaginative work.

“The association, unity, and teamwork of women collaborating across continents and determination to bring the character of strength, creativity, and intelligence of women globally, lead to the creation of these exquisite new arrivals, says Maria Elena. “We trust that these bags, when you enter in a relationship with them, will remind you of the energy of women and bring you the joy that will reflect in the powerful healthy combination of your psyche and soma.”

Below is a brief synopsis of Germano’s inspiration behind the superb artwork:

“My artistic creations are indeed my best friends, because it is in them that I pour my deepest emotions. The dances of the Far East have inspired this design in which the body and mind melt into one in complete harmony. The image of the faces clearly follow the modern art school in which Picasso has a leading role. At the same time, my inspiration comes from Sicilian ceramics with original stylizations breaking out of the darkness, and you can see and feel the warm sensuality of their profiles.” – Carmela Germano